Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, shared his predictions about the future of cloud services. According to him, the distinction between physical and digital will disappear and AWS will continue to bring new intelligent capabilities to physical devices like Amazon’s Echo — a smart device connected to AWS to gain access to the Alexa intelligent assistant and control smart home devices, capabilities that, without the cloud, would have required far more computing power.

5G cellular connectivity will go hand-in-hand with that kind of change, Vogels said. As 5G continues to proliferate, more devices and services will take advantage of it and, as a result, be able to connect to AWS, including everything from cars to factory lines.

The Amazon cloud platform is extending…

Last week, Amazon announced that its machine learning service Amazon Personalize, which is focused on helping developers create individualised recommendations on their platform for their users, has now become generally available — although initially in certain regions only. This is a huge opportunity for companies who wish to bring a more personalised approach to one or more parts of their business, which according to research, is definitely something that companies should be focusing on more as they look towards the future.

Personalised content has become a huge part of today’s online experience. Service users and online store customers have already become accustomed to personalised recommendations that help guide them to content and products they are more likely to be interested in, based on data gathered about an individual’s usage on a…

As one of those modern cliché sayings goes, data is the oil of today’s world. But that does not just mean the earning potential found in data. Above all, it means understanding the fact that just like unprocessed crude oil is relatively useless, so is unanalysed data.
That is why a lot of SMEs have huge amounts of data stored in various systems or outdated data warehouses.

This makes sense however, since huge amounts of data go hand-in-hand with business — they are created from communications with clients, marketing campaigns, sales numbers, carrying cost reports and various other daily activities. Additionally, data has a habit of creating more new data. If used skilfully, all this data can…

Although cyber threats are still the biggest risk factors in cloud technology, the physical security of the cloud servers — something the customer never sees — is at least as important.

Along with the decision to store their data and software in a cloud, customers lose access to the physical servers where that data is being kept. As a result, multiple theoretical threats appear, the most important of which are the risk that stems from the employees of a cloud service…

Klemens Arro

“this technology does not exist yet” — you got my attention

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